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What's red and white checkered and found all over the Ludington area? The Lakeshore Menu Guide! It is one of the most popular publications in our area for both locals and tourists, because everyone loves food and wants to know the best places to eat.

Due to the 2020 pandemic, many of our local restaurants have just recently reopened, and are doing all they can to survive the changes they must adhere to in order to stay open. To dine inside, it is required that you wear a mask only when you are moving about--masks may be removed when you are seated at your table.

Many restaurants have been reinventing aspects of their business to offer you a variety of food service options, such as streamlining their take out process, as well as expanding and improving outdoor seating.

Please be kind and patient to all restaurant employees you encounter--they are working hard to make your meal as enjoyable as possible.

The 2020 Lakeshore Menu Guide is coming out later this year than is typical. Normally out in May each year, we expect to publish near the end of July or early August.

The delay is due to Covid-19. Many participating Menu Guide restaurants have been handicapped by temporary shut downs and delays, and some have closed their doors permanently, though the majority are currently open for the summer. Most menus within our 2019 edition have had only minor price and item changes. Just be advised that you may find some deviation between last year's menu and the restaurant's current menu which may be affected by employee shortages, food distribution snags, and increased operating costs.

Click here to download the entire 2019 Menu Guide publication (30MB)

The Lakeshore Menu Guide Features These Businesses...

Downtown Ludington Restaurants & More

Chef John's Bakery & Cafe
Jamesport Brewing Company
Luciano's Ristoranti
Old Hamlin Restaurant
Sportsman's, Barley & Rye, The Mitten
Sunset Side Concessions
Table 14
Thai Mango
Timbers of Ludington

Ludington Area

Hungry Howie's Pizza & Subs
Kuntry Kubbard
Little Caesars Pizza
Mancino's Pizza & Grinders


Jolly Plate
North Country Cafe & Catering


If you own a restaurant, deli, or other specialty food establishment, contact Advantage Marketing & Publications to find out how to include your business in the next Lakeshore Menu Guide. Everyone recognizes the familiar red & white checkered cover of the Lakeshore Menu Guide. It's just as popular with locals as with tourists, because everyone enjoys a good meal. Annually, 20,000-25,000 Menu Guides are distributed free to over 100 area locations. Click here for advertising information.

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